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New Business Start-ups

New Business Start-ups

New Business Start-upsNew Business Start-upsNew Business Start-ups

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Be an Entrepreneur



There has never been a better time than NOW to start a new business…

Over the last years there has been a significant increase in the number of New Business Start-ups...

More than likely you have  probably been thinking about starting a business for awhile, but you have shut down your thoughts as you just don't know where to start...would I be right in saying that?...

And yes, if I  didn't know about business and how to get started, I  probably would think that way too and let my  dreams drift away, without even knowing what might have been. 

So just imagine  what your business would look like.....Well there is no time like the present to stop imagining and stop thinking about it, and start doing...

You might be a person who wants a fast growing business in a particular industry or a new emerging one, you may be a stay at home mum, who just wants some extra income, or you could be an inventor with a new product or service that is going to revolutionize the world or you just want the freedom to work for doesn't matter.

 What does matter is when you are running solo and have no idea how to start, it's hard, as you need the support and in depth help.

So, if you have an idea or a niche in mind....don't you feel it is NOW time to start.

This is where a Venture Builder from Dome Ventures comes in, as starting a business for many is the issue...with the questions of where should I start or how do I start....and let's face it for many that is where the roadblocks are.  


We at Dome Ventures have over 40 years  of hands on experience in starting new businesses in all industries.

Book an appointment for Start-up Entrepreneur or Venture Builder NOW..

But starting a business for many is the issue…where do I start is the question or how do I start…for many that is the biggest obstacle and that is where you need a Start up Entrepreneur and a Venture builder from Dome Ventures

Because if you don’t start correctly, it soon will become a burden and you will quickly loose interest and loose money with the fear of failure..

My Question To You Is 'What If The Business Is a Roaring Success' How Would That Make You Feel?

Whether you need help in the initial start-up, or half way through it or require:-

  • Funding
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Networks
  • Project Marketing
  • Locally or Globally

Let Dome Ventures build or start your business for you and take all the stress and fear away from you.

 An extra hand to do the groundwork and knock on doors, and or take over the driving until you are ready to drive your business  yourself.



Be an Entrepreneur

Be an Entrepreneur

Be an Entrepreneur


Fed Up With The Daily Routine ? And Having No Time To Do What You Really Want To Do!

Then You Should Think About Owning Your Own Business!

You Don’t Need A Big Bank Roll To Own Your Own Business.

Here Are Businesses You Can Buy For Less Than $10,000,  They Can Be Simple Part Time Business Or  They Can Be Franchised.

Buying A Business From Dome Ventures Is One Of The Easiest And Most Affordable Ways To Make Your Dreams Of Owning A Business A Reality, 

At These Amazing Prices….How Can You Afford Not To Buy…
These Businesses Are Full Businesses, some are Franchisers some are not…

Each Business Consists Of:-

· Huge Markets  - Quality Products –  Quality Suppliers -Sales & Marketing

· Website – Full Training – Accounting System –Professional  Support

 Simple businesses from $5,000 can be built by Dome Ventures  for people who do not have their own idea or niche in mind....

Natural Health, Organic products, Beauty, Fashion & Accessories, Craft Brewing, Energy, Home Improvement, Music, Marine, Internet, Publishing, Bio Technology, Medicine, Logistics,   and much, much more.


Do you need it for your idea or project to get off the ground or to keep your start-up growing?

If so speak with us, as we have money for all sorts of start-ups.

     NEED HELP!!

Once the Pandemic COVED19  lock down's are suspended, business owners or wannabe business owners are going to need REAL HELP to restart their business or start a new business....

Contact us  for confidential chat.....on how we can fast track your business back into existence.











Winning Deals

Be an Entrepreneur

Winning Deals


If You Have Capital To Invest, And You Are Familiar With The Frustration Of Not Knowing Just What Investment Opportunities Are Really Out There.
Well We Can Help As We Have Business Opportunities Available.

Whether You Have Got A Few Thousand Dollars And Want To Buy Into A Small Start-up Or You Are A Venture Capitalist Looking To Finance Or Buy Into a Multi-Million Dollar Venture.  The Opportunities Are There. If You Have Capital, Let The Deals Come To You..

Or subscribe to our Daily Deals Flyer.

We have Business Opportunities now available in organic products, health products, applications, housing, music, fashion, bio technology, medicine, energy, food, high volume consumer products  that are all scalable for local and global markets or you may have a specific investment in mind and would like a priority opportunity to be the first to know about it.

We are constantly scouring the markets for niches and businesses in growth mode with innovative products and services that can be scaled for local and global markets. 

We come across interesting business opportunities every hour of the day....

With global markets constantly on the move and new innovating industries starting to break out,....providing an abundance of investment opportunities....

New niche products and markets, scalable and rapid growth opportunities and much much more....and as we are the channel for start-ups....Dome Ventures are in the know...of what is starting now, and what is coming!!


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Need FUNDING OR EQUITY for your start-up? We have funds available through our investor base..

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Need a Start-up Entrepreneur  and or a  Venture builder?.. Got an idea and you want to turn it into a business, or you just need help in your business...Business start-ups in Australia & New Zealand..Equity funding, sales & marketing, venture capital, angel investors, business development, entrepreneur courses, business partner, all industries locally or globally...


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Let us help  grow your business or new start-up  in New Zealand or Australia.

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